feature-04a1 Shot wanted to develop cards to accurately represent the colors and sheen of their paint. Because they planned to make these cards readily available, they hoped to avoid the cost of producing and applying actual paint chips.

Working from paint samples, I experimented with standard CMYK values to match each color. To ensure the colors printed correctly, I requested color proofs from the printer for every version of each card. When a match could not be achieved using the CMYK process, I selected an appropriate Pantone color or, in some cases, worked with a local ink supplier to formulate a custom ink.

Finally, while all of the cards were to be coated with a gloss finish, some of the paints were matte. Therefore, I specified areas that required a matte finish.

Due to the complexity of the job, each card required ongoing communication with the printer and numerous press checks and adjustments. Ultimately, the client was very pleased with the results!