Per Project Pricing

A Great Place to Start

  • New clients are charged a per project, hourly rate.
  • Before starting a project, I provide a free phone consultation and a cost estimate that includes the scope of the project and agreed upon date of deliverables.
  • If at any point it appears the project may go over budget, I will inform you before any additional costs accrue. This prevents unwanted surprises and allows us to make any needed adjustments.
  • Once we have completed several projects together and determine that a long-term working relationship would be beneficial, I will invite you to join the retainer program.

Retainer Program Pricing

Priority Service at a Discounted Rate

  • Established* clients are eligible for the retainer program.
  • Based on our work history, I will help you determine an appropriate number of hours to retain each month.
  • You will receive a discounted rate for the number of hours you retain.
  • Your projects will receive top priority, as I will block off a specified number of hours each week to service your account.
  • You will receive a retainer hour status update every week to help you track your budgeted hours.
  • Retainer payments are due the first of the month and cover the work for that month.
  • Unused retainer hours are not rolled-over unless arrangements are made in advance. This allows me to plan accordingly so I can continue to provide quality service to all clients.
  • If your account requires additional hours one month, you will receive a separate itemized invoice at the standard hourly rate.
  • The retainer program requires a minimum of 10 hours per month for three months.
  • After three months, we will review your contract to ensure the specified number of hours best meets your needs and adjust accordingly.

*As a general guideline, a client is considered established after completing a minimum of five projects within a six-month period.

Open PDF of Sample Retainer Program Agreement

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!