Character & Qualifications

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented individuals who have enriched my career and helped me grow, both professionally and personally. Here are some of their testimonials.

Kerry Andersen provided full marketing consulting services to my company. Over the years of our partnership, Ms. Andersen proved over and over again her strength in creating innovative marketing concepts, strong consulting support, strong communication skills, and quick responses meeting all project deadlines. Ms. Andersen’s work ethic and experience benefit all who utilize her services.

—Tim Lloyd, Director of Business Operations and Sales – PPG Industries – Matthews Paint SBU

From brand websites, ads, sell sheets, trade show design and promotional items, Kerry has crafted the brand essence across all media to convey our messaging simply and concisely. Whether it is communication to our inside sales teams, the distributor network or end user, she excels at translating our brand positioning.

—Jamie Zerante, Marketing Specialist – PPG Industries – Matthews Paint SBU

Kerry developed a website for our manufacturing company. While my management team and I shared our ideas and vision for the site, Kerry took our concepts and added all the bells and whistles that we needed for a great website! She additionally arranged for a professional photographer to spend the day at our facility for some excellent shots of our “work in progress.” She was easy to work with and we are extremely pleased with the outcome! Our team would highly recommend her.

—Kellie Yanke, President – Central United Corporation

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kerry over the last 15 months. During this time, Kerry demonstrated mastery in all professional capacities. A true renaissance being, Kerry’s education, passion, practicality and wisdom helped leverage precious actionable insight for Kiefer, elevating our customer facing promotions resources to new heights.

—Robin Spencer Kiefer, Vice President of Marketing – Adolph Kiefer & Associates

Working with Kerry is a pleasure! She exhibits professionalism and brings a wealth of knowledge to our organization. She understands our needs and uses her creativity to make each project effective and attractive. Kerry brings a fresh perspective to the table, yet she respects our audience and our goals.

—Susie Drummond, Director of Admissions – Racine Lutheran High School

Turnaround time is crucial in today’s quickly changing market. Kerry meets demanding deadlines with accuracy and thoroughness. She quickly grasps concepts and drafts thorough proofs for review.

—Vickie Ellis, Market Analyst – Cherry Americas

I would recommend Kerry Andersen to any organization that requires employees to think strategically, deliver creatively and interact professionally. Wherever Kerry’s career takes her, I am confident that she will develop as a key and valuable employee for any organization that is lucky enough to have her as part of their team.

—Dave Gleason, President – GS Marketing Group, Inc.

In the twelve years we both were with GS Marketing Group, I saw Kerry serve as a designer and leader. Her design talent has been recognized in national competition and she has enthusiastically taught design at the university level. She takes well to a lead role and her peers look up to her. She understands concepts of branding and execution, and has mapped out entire campaigns. As her former employer, I admire her abilities.

—Mark Bernhardt, Experience Architect – GS Marketing Group, Inc.

As Senior Graphic Designer and Account Executive, Kerry Andersen demonstrated her ability to lead projects from a design, creative and project management standpoint. Our clients enjoyed working with her, knowing she’d bring new ideas and champion projects to their completion.

—Tim Cascio, Marketing Strategist and Business Developer – GS Marketing Group, Inc.

Kerry is very dedicated to her work, creating solutions that exceed all expectations. Not only is she a hard worker, she is a great team-player with a positive attitude and has the capability to lead and direct others within the team. As her colleague, I look to Kerry for inspiration and try to model myself after her high level of professionalism, detail, creativity, and quality of work.

—Jodi Heisz, Graphic Designer – GS Marketing Group, Inc.